Visualizing Data

Visualizing Data

The ultimate goal of CodeInsights is to provide an assortment of visual and data-based tools that can help you navigate through your codebase in two significant ways:

  • Bird's Eye View - This gives you an understanding of your codebase's general health and state.
  • Detailed Analysis - This allows for pinpointing specific areas of concern within individual files, functions, or lines of code.

You can visualize your data do it in one of three ways:

  1. Logging Platform - The fastest and easiest way to visualize your data is to send the output result to a logging platform
  2. Custom UI - Create your own UI to visualize the data that CodeInsights provides
  3. Dedicated UI (Coming Soon) - The CodeInsights UI will allow you to easily integrate your repo and visualize your data, with ready visualizations and data-tables