Visualizing Data
Logging Platform

Centralized Logging Platform

The fastest and easiest way to visualize your data is to send the output result to a logging platform.

OpenSearch allows you to both explore your data, and create visualizations and dashboards. Paid platforms like Coralogix, DataDog and Splunk offer similiar capabilities.

Running OpenSearch

The CodeInsights library comes ready with a docker-compose file, containing both OpenSearch and OpenSearch dashboards.

Clone the repository, and run the following command to run it:

docker-compose up

Then use the OpenSearch plugin.

Sending Data to a Vendor

You can send the data to a logging vendor by creating a custom post-processor plugin, or by using the existing built in ones.

Right now we support the following vendors:

Make sure to go over the documentation of the plugin you are using to understand how to configure it.