Running CodeInsights
Repo Configuration

Repo Configuration

First, create a configuration file called codeinsights.config.ts in the root of your repository (.js and .json files are also supported)

Then, run the following command:

$ npx @codeinsights/js


NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
repoPathstringnullAbsolute path of the repository or GitHub URL
ignoreFoldersstring[][]List of folder names to ignore during the scan (relative path), regex is supported
useDefaultPluginsbooleantrueWhether to use the default built-in plugins or not
plugins(Plugin|string)[]DefaultPluginsList of plugins to be used, can use the Plugin object or the full path


NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
disabledbooleanfalseDisable the plugin
paramsanynullCustom parameters to pass the plugin
pathstringnullAn absolute path to the plugin, or plugin id if using one of the built-in ones

Configuration Example

// analyzer.config.json
import { ConfigModel } from '@codeinsights/js';
const config: ConfigModel = {
  ignoreFolders: ['node_modules', 'public', 'src/assets'],
  plugins: [
    'dependencies', // built-in plugin
      path: 'html',
      params: {
        matchPattern: '^mat' // only components from angular material,
module.exports = config;