Plugins Overview

CodeInsights is designed around a versatile plugin system that not only allows you to utilize the built-in plugins but also enables you to create your own.

There are two primary categories of plugins:

  1. Analyzers - These plugins are used to analyze files in your repository and derive insights from them.
  2. Post-Processors - These plugins are responsible for processing the final results, such as sending them to a logging system or generating visual representations like charts.

Analyzer Plugins

idDescriptionIs Used By Default
importsInformation about all the imports (importedFrom, and imported)x
tsGet information about functions and filesx
htmlGet all used tagsx
dependenciesGet information about your depedndencies from package.jsonx

Post-Processors Plugins

These plugins are used as post-processors, and work on the entire result of the analysis.

idDescriptionIs Used By Default
chartsGenerate ChartJS graphs, based on the count of labels, as well as combination of labels and metricsx
coralogixSend the entire result to Coralogix
opensearchSend the entire result to OpenSearch